Joevany Athanas Stephane : Nous raconte histoire passionner de la plage de la preneuse une plage situee dans l"ouest du pays

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Joevany Athanas Stephane : Nous raconte histoire passionner de la plage de la preneuse une plage situee dans l

La Preneuse beach, in Black River on the west coast of Mauritius, is one of the beaches that has seen one of the most drastic change in a very short period of time.

We use to come here a lot while my son was still a toddler and especially loved the end of afternoon after work, especially in summer when the shallow water is still quite warm from the heat of the day.

The shift in the beach caused the sand to move away from where it was and create a sand bank on the right hand side when you look at the sea.

La Preneuse beach
La Preneuse in 2012

La Preneuse beach
La Preneuse in 2015

To get to La Preneuse beach, if you use London supermarket as a reference point, there are some access roads before (this one is a one way road, you can enter here but not come out from this road), opposite and after (opposite Ruisseau creole, after Nautica shopping center, by the Black River Post Office) the supermarket. The two access roads before and after the supermarket are quite straight forward and will bring you directly to the beach, whereas the various roads opposite the supermarket are a little bit more tricky to navigate.

You know you’ve reached the beach when you see its Martello tower next to the parking area.

To get to the beach, you either go up and down the little hill between the parking and the sand or you walk along the very short pedestrian road on its right, at the entrance of which you will often find an ice cream van waiting for customers.

La Preneuse beach
Coming down the little hill to reach the beach.

A big anchor used to end the little road and two cannons were found on either side of the beach. A little kiosk is present on the left also.

La Preneuse beach
The anchor and canons in 2012.

The anchor isn’t in too much of a good shape nowadays and would definitely benefit from a coat of paint, while the kiosk is still the same.

La Preneuse beach
The anchor, fallen from its pedestal…

Both canons have lost their surrounding lights. And while sea water is getting closer and closer to one of them, the other seem to be holding up, for now anyway.

La Preneuse beach
The shifting sand and erosion is causing the canon to move closer and closer to the sea.

La Preneuse beach
The other canon seems to be holding up for now!

Nevertheless, they are still a big hit with children who still love to climb on and play with it.

If you need some shade, the trees on top of the hill or at the end of the pedestrian road will provide you with some. However, you won’t have much of it on the beach itself.

Shade at La Preneuse
To keep in the shade, you you will need to keep closer to the hill area.

La Preneuse beach
The wide sandy beach will not offer much shade.

La Preneuse beach
A new sand bank has formed on the side.

The beach is not very long but quite wide so you can easily find a spot for yourself. The sand has also lost a little bit of its fine grain I’ve found and has now a more rough quality to it.

La Preneuse beach
The new look of La Preneuse beach

I haven’t swum there for a while and therefore I’m not sure whether the sea patterns have also changed with the beach.

The sea used to not be very deep and at low tide you even had to walk towards the lagoon to find some depths. A slight current was usually present on the right side of the beach, where the beach is now much larger.

La Preneuse beach
Ending the afternoon at La Preneuse.

Opposite the beach, in the distance, you will see Le Morne moutain.

La Preneuse beach
Enjoying the end of the afternoon.

At low tide, a sandbank can be seen in the middle of the lagoon that you can swim or paddle to. We did have a ‘snack stop’ on it on one of our fishing trips in the lagoon, and it was quite fun.

On Sundays, it can sometimes get a little crowded, and finding parking space can especially be very tricky after midday.

My favorite time to enjoy La Preneuse beach, as you might have guessed from the photos and previous comments, is late afternoon after a good day’s work, to finish up a warm day with a refreshing and relaxing swim

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